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Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
that are paying close attention to what is happening here in -- lisa, i would like to ask you a question. the last seven months have clearly been very tough on you. but you persevered and now you are on a brighter path. todaywould you have been unemployment for compensation emergency benefits? had the extrat unless you have experienced how the job market is today and the incredible -- you mayesearch spend three hours preparing for an interview. you have no idea what it is like to go through the world of the internet job boards. would -- i was facing a of taking -- actually, i enrolled. i have a bachelors degree and i had enrolled in my local community college with all the young millennial's to go back to school to get an associates degree, to go to night school and work during the day on a minimum wage job or a little bit more. and then my plan was to have to and havemy retirement 30% of that tax, and then taxed again. and just pray that my tenacity would get me there. ,he a and -- the anxiety level i cannot even explain to you the insomnia, the tears, the mood swings, the ups, the downs. it ranks
Dec 6, 2013 6:30am PST
that it was imprisoned lisa curry poignant shook the country in nineteen seventy six government forces saw dozens of youth and school children who would demonstrate in custody in stewart st. in the nineteen nineties demonstrations and police find its continued state of emergency was declared the country's currency collapsed. meanwhile the anti apartheid movement picked up momentum the board's announcement that it became its living single. several musicians great songs in his armor and writing history the month that it was eventually transferred to pick suppose to prison in nineteen ninety eight when he meets guilty secret negotiations with the government. in nineteen ninety the ban on gays he was lifted to dump every eleven combat team into the warm temps a free man . then it was elected president of the anc in nineteen ninety one. he continued to negotiate the president of the butte occurred to seek an end to the country's racist goals. three men were wanted them to the price in nineteen ninety three. nope all. i didn't fight at all. when paul. it was. apartheid when he came to an end in ninete
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm EST
received those vital unemployment insurance benefits. now lisa boyd told congress that she has found a job and will be getting back to work. thank you. on wall street once again, it is the fifth straight losing session for the blue chips. positive economic data out today is adding to concerns that the federal reserve will start tapering. one of those positive pieces of data is the latest roll on economic growth. the economy expanded much more than expected last quarter, rising at the fast e.g. pace in what a year and a half. how, nearly half a gains came from businesses simply adding to they inventories. while consumer spending actually slowed. are you kidding? another bill coin story. blank of america is giving eight thumbs up, saying it could become a popular forum of payment for ecommerce. to traditional ways of transferring money. and joining me from washington, d.c. to discuss these top business stories patriot. he is a central bank and economics reporter for the wall street journal. it is great to see you, congratulations. i am told are in order on the new gig. good to have you on th
Dec 7, 2013 7:30am PST
credit card and it off here and that their concerns are not leaking. he couldn't talk. all right lisa was like very much sarah kenyans tps update again that's the least it kept them speak realize that northeastern i knew as a santa tracking demonstrations are taking place. back to us from diesel said coursing up roll across the atlantic the u s state of texas has been shaken by several earthquakes recently with some scientists saying dozens of nearby tree wells on to bang them are my pride to this the professor the end of this evil taxes. i didn't break over the striking activity should be subjected to more federal regulation what needs to happen is there needs to be more harm to those who are most vulnerable to the harms and all. here you know companies talk about conducting this in a state away. but the there is no objective answer to what this state. this is um it's it's a system that vulnerable to what was called normal accidents they can certainly something to happen go wrong with that at any time. the weather that's too frequently occurring or whether the cars involved are of gr
Dec 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
by its future. i love the way she put that. one thing is certain, detroit's future and lisa's future will not come from washington. the magic of motown is here in the city. what detroit need to thrive is not washington hand but freedom from big government's mastery. to thrive, detroit needs less government and more freedom. less red tape, less taxes, more money left in detroit. the answer to poverty and unemployment is not another government stimulus. it's simply leaving more money in the hands of those who earned it. today i'm here to introduce something i call economic freedom zones. this is a bill that will be introduced next week in washington. these freedom zones will dramatically reduce tax and red tape so detroit businesses can grow and throb. he called his plan a conservative war on poverty. it's time we revisit some of the ideas of jack kemp and expand upon them. the bill that i will introduce, will introduce power and freedom zone. this political lower personal and corporate income taxes in detroit to 5%. my bill will lower the payroll tax, 2% for the employees, 2% for the
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
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Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
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Dec 6, 2013 6:00am PST
be confident that adt is always there for you. hey, lisa. is that the delivery we've been waiting for? [ male announcer ] and now you can get adt monthly service for your business starting at less than $2 a day. [ woman ] i love the convenience of adt. i can finally be in two places at once. [ male announcer ] call today to get adt for less than $2 a day. helping protect your business, is our business. adt. always there. ♪ >>> good morning, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. welcome back to our special edition of cnn "newsroom." south africans are in mourpging today as they grieve the death and honor the life and legacy of nelson mandela. here is the arc archbishop shopped desmond tutu just a few minutes ago. >> he listened and empathized with others. and restored other's faith in africa and africans. >> outside mandela's home, today south african children marched and sang all in tribute to the country's first black president. in johannesburg, people chanting and dancing joining in the ceremonial homecoming of the man they called madiba. from johannesburg to washington and way beyond, people a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)